All invoices are due net 30 days from date of invoice.
    All payments should be made to: (AIR HAWK INDUSTRIES INC.)
    And mailed or courier to:

    4124 – 8th Street S.E.
    Calgary, Alberta
    Canada T2G 3A7


    All shipments will be freight collect, unless otherwise agreed.
    Customer is responsible to pay the carrier on all freight, unless otherwise agreed.
    All product is deemed to be owned by customer after being picked up from Air Hawk.
    All damages and shortages must be reported to Air Hawk within 7 days of receipt of shipment. Do not deduct shortages or damaged goods from invoice when making payment; Air Hawk will issue credit accordingly.

    Air Hawk reserves the exclusive right to use whatever carrier it chooses when freight is being sent pre-paid. In the event that there is a dispute regarding our choice of carrier, all shipments will be sent collected on customers choice of carrier without any freight allowance or deduction. Air Hawk does not ship any freight with a delivery appointment schedule, any costs whatsoever that is associated with a delivery appointment is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The date on the invoice of Air Hawk Industries Inc. is the date that the shipment leaves our warehouse, due in 30 days from invoice date.


    All customers must have on file completed information and accepted credit application sheet.
    Any products under accounts with unpaid invoices past due 31 days or longer will not be shipped until the account is current, and will be subject to 2% monthly finance charge equal to 24% per annum.
    In the event of default on the customer’s account, the customer will be responsible for the payment of reasonable attorney’s fees, actual court costs, as well as any other incurred costs in the collection of the account.

    All funds for the product remains the responsibility of the purchaser regardless of where or who has the product in question.


    All orders should be made to Air Hawk Industries Inc.
    All orders can be faxed to Air Hawk at 403-287-0119.
    All Grille Inserts and Mud Flaps can be ordered in combination, pre-paid freight on orders of $4000,00 before GST. (Boards are not considered in combination)


    1. Always check the condition and number of cartons against freight bill.
    2. Customer must note damages and shortages on the delivery slip at time of acceptance. This delivery slip must be forwarded to your freight company immediately for any claim on shipping damage or obvious shortages caused by Freight Company.


    No deductions or credits may be taken from invoiced amounts for returned product or billing amounts until the factory approves the credit in writing. Any deduction will be treated as a partial payment. This may result in a Past Due account, subject to section 3 CREDIT POLICY.


    1. Any product returned without an approved goods authorization (RGA) will be refused. All returns require prior authorization.
    2.  Product and packaging that is approved for return must be in resale, unopened condition and all components accounted for the Return Authorization number must be clearly marked on the bill of lading.
    3.  Any product that is approved for return and is damaged, not in resale condition, or opened will be refused and returned to the customer collect.
    4.  All Laser cut and stamped product is classified as custom and non-returnable in every case, no exceptions.
    5.  All decaled products are classified as custom and non-returnable, no exceptions.
    6.  All approved returns must be shipped prepaid.
    7.  All approved returns must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.
    8.  Only the product purchased 12 months prior to date of Return Request will be considered for an RGA, all product prior is non-returnable, no exceptions whatsoever.


    1. (Stainless Steel & Rubber Product warranty)
      The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose: The Seller and Manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Neither Seller nor Manufacturer shall be liable either in tort or in contract for any loss or damage, direct, incidental, or consequential, arising out of the use or the inability to use the product.

      Air Hawk provides a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of Stainless Steel & Rubber products against manufacturer defects in materials, workmanship and finish under normal use excluding damage resulting from road hazards such as gravel or other debris, shipping damage, product misuse, improper installation, impairments from accidents, product modifications or product neglect.

      Air Hawk is not responsible for shipping charges on replaced or repaired product under warranty. All returned warranty merchandise must be sent prepaid. All warranty replacement products will be shipped back freight collect.

    2. (Coated Product Warranty)
      Air Hawk does not warranty any coated product, black or otherwise, purchaser assumes all risks of any coated product, black or otherwise.  
    3. (Product Finish Warranty)
      Air Hawk guarantees that the finish is of high quality; Air Hawk does not guarantee any finish that is not cared for or neglected by use of abrasive cleaners, soap, wax or polish. Air Hawk does not guarantee any surface that is not cleaned on a regular basis to keep the surface free of road salt and other chemicals.


    Air Hawk products are sold as decorative accessories and should not be relied upon as protection for the vehicle or occupants in the event of a collision or roll over. Buyer assumes all risk and liability whatsoever from the installation and use of product.

    10. CREDITS

    • Credits are issued within 45 days from receipt of returned goods.
    • Credits will only be issued after inspection of returned goods.
    • No credits will be issued for any product custom laser cut, stamped or decaled.


    1. Air Hawk has a 15 for 1 return policy, no exceptions. Prior authorization is required from Air Hawk in writing, and all exchanged merchandise must be in resale condition including the packaging, with no parts missing. The return must be accompanied with the purchase order outlining the goods and the 15 required parts for the 1 returned part. The 15 for 1 policy applies to Grille covers and Mud Flaps.
    2. Air Hawk reserves the right to refuse the return of any product whatsoever with a proof of purchase date more than 1 year from the date of request.
    3. Air Hawk reserves the right to refuse the return of any product whatsoever, at any time, when an RGA is being requested to return the product that was originally shipped with a serial number, and now bears no serial number.
    4. Products such as Nerf Boards and Nerf bars are not returnable at any time. All sales are final.

    The above Terms and Policies will be in effect for any and all purchases after Jan 1, 2002. Air Hawk reserves the right to amend the Terms and Policies without notice. This notice will be the effective Terms & Policies in all cases until an amended Terms and Policies is issued. 2007, 2008 , 2009 & 2010.